about gretchen farwell

A little about me…

Gretchen Farwell is a multi-disciplinary creative based in Whittier, California. She specializes in web and graphic design– focusing on maintaining a consistent client-based brand throughout her work. With a drive to help people where they’re at, Gretchen places an abundance of thought, care, and passion behind each project to provide a versatile finished product. Also a lover of breakfast food.

A lot about me…

Being blessed by my mother staying home with me as a child, I grew up surrounded by art supplies and new gadgets. My mother always tried to keep my sister and I occupied and curious, and was constantly giving us new engaging toys and tools to learn with. I always knew I was going to be an artist, and I always had a natural talent when it came to class projects in grade school. I was notorious for turning in my homework assignments full of doodles. (Especially on my math homework.)

From my love of art, I went on to study fine art at BIOLA University, and explore and refine my talents. I studied (almost) everything that the department had to offer. Going through different mediums and being frustrated with the boundaries of exposure and limitations, I turned to informational design in my sophomore year of college. Unknowing to me, my degree requirements would bring me to an introductory course of artistic driven web design. Frustrated at first due to the language boundary, I became obsessed with trying to figure out the puzzles of my mistakes in code, and make a web page that I could actually use. The process was exciting and anxiety-inducing all at once. From that class, I knew that web design and web development was something I wanted to do, but due to my University’s lack of courses in the field, I never got past a solid knowledge of HTML and CSS. I didn’t let that stop my desire to know more about a developing field and enrolled in classes at Fullerton College, taking an array of classes that gave me some new tricks to put up my sleeve.

Since 2010, I have had family and friends approach me to help design websites for them. I created wireframes, set up domain names with hosting, and made websites for photographers, preschools, and a non-profit organization. I was creative as a web browser would let me while learning to work with clients with different tastes and ideas. Through these experiences, I have found a passion for web design and making a meaningful and beautiful user experience for a huge audience.